First Winery Adventure

Turning 21 this year has been quite an adventure of finding out what types of drinks suit my tastes (beer has not been one of them.) Thankfully, during my Spring Quarter, I was able to take a wine class. Although it required memorizing many appellations, grape varietals, and winemaking techniques, it was well worth it (plus who could turn down wine tasting in class).

Tired after a long day of touring the vineyards.

During the quarter, I was able to attend two fieldtrips to two different wineries in Southern California, Hart Family Winery and South Coast Winery. Hart Family Winery is a small, quaint and very laid-back place to visit. It’s also the oldest winery in the Temecula Valley. Contrary to Hart Family Winery, South Coast Winery is bigger and is more of a resort and spa type of feel. Both are very different, but well worth visiting.

Hart Family Winery’s vineyard.

Hart Family Winery wine barrels.

Rows and rows of grape leaves at Hart Family Winery.

Knowing that there would be plenty of bugs as we toured the vineyards, I strayed away from wearing a dress or a skirt (anything that exposed my legs, really). Instead I opted for my ripped boyfriend jeans from Forever 21. The scorching SoCal heat also had be reach into my closet for my racer back Aritzia tank top. For shoes, I put on my trusty and comfortable white Converse. I actually took these shoes from my older sister when I was in high school and ever since, they’ve been in my closet (oops!).

South Coast Winery’s white wine tasting.

Waiting for the wine tasting to begin at South Coast Winery.

The wine has arrived excited pose.

The winemaking industry is nothing short of amazing. Wine is definitely on my list of alcoholic beverages that I like. Although my pallet has yet to adjust to the bold and dry taste of red wine, I’m a big fan of white wine, especially Riesling. I’m looking forward to visiting even more wineries in the near future (Napa maybe?).




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