Birks and Polka Dots

Although my Solvang, CA. trip was almost two weeks ago, I thought I’d share my forgotten pictures (mostly outfit photos) that were taken when I visited the Santa Ines Mission and had lunch in Solvang. Being nice and comfy is something I always strive for, although I am very much willing to sacrifice comfort if necessary (anything for fashion, right?). My trusty Birkenstocks have yet to fail me and I’m hoping they don’t break anytime soon.

A close up of some simple accessories. Watch: Ann Klein – Earrings: Kohl’s

Walking around the Santa Ines Mission grounds.

Hot dog topped with fried onions and cucumbers with a side of fries.

An open face sandwich with a side of potato salad.

Outfit Details: Dress: Macy’s – Jacket: Urban Outfitters – Sandals: Birkenstock – Bag: Aritzia

Summer is almost at its end and university is picking up again. I am definitely not ready for school and am in need of much more traveling time. My Seattle, WA. trip will be up on the blog very soon (I’ve been lagging, but finally found a weekend to devote to my Internet home!).




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