InstaRecap – Food Edition

Like most Instagram users, I love documenting my food excursions.  I take my time capturing the perfect photo, which isn’t the most pleasant thing to do especially if you’re extremely hungry (my stomach complains most of the time I these photos are taken). My food-centric photos not only solidify memories of delicious cuisine, they also help me decide where and what I should eat while I scroll through my photos on my iPhone (I am very indecisive when it comes to food, so pictures help!).

I’ll begin the photo spam…now. Sharing my recent foodie adventures via Instagram with the blogging universe! Enjoy!

 Steamed and baked pork buns with a side of sesame balls filled with red bean.

Not so classic hotdog topped with cucumbers and fried onions and an open-face sandwich.

Green tea is a must in the mornings!

Udon and tempura from U:Don in Seattle, WA.

Black tea milk foam with boba from ShareTea.

Churro ice cream sandwich.

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