Seattle, WA

Long distance relationships are hard (like most people say) but they are doable with certain “ingredients” (trust, communication, effort, love, etc). I’ve been with my boyfriend for about six years now. Our relationship goes back to my middle school days as a 12-year-old girl who was unsure of what her future held (also who was in one of those awkward adolescent stages). I never wanted to be in a long distance relationship. No one wants to be away from the person they love.   My boyfriend joined the Navy my freshman year of university and now he is stationed in Bremerton, WA. The good thing about it, I get to fly to the beautiful, yet cold (super cold compared to California weather) Seattle to explore, eat, and spend time with my loved one.

Exploring University District in Seattle, WA.

Patiently waiting for my milk foam black tea from ShareTea.

Although my original plan was to go hiking, the universe flat out said no and gave me a cold virus. Instead, I explored Seattle and had a delicious bowl of steaming hot, perfectly chewy, udon from U:DON. My day wasn’t complete until I washed everything down with a milk foam black tea with boba from ShareTea (I’m a bobaholic). After consuming all this food, I was one happy (still sick) girl.

A bowl of udon and a side of tempura from U:DON.

Happily holding two boba drinks from ShareTea.

Seattle’s rainy and unpredictable weather had me reaching for my H&M brown boots. These boots aren’t the comfiest for walking, but they do keep your feet nice and dry (I’m on the lookout for new boots without a heel!).

I’m the type of girl who’s always comfiest in a dress. My black polkadot tent dress from my sister is hands down, amazingly comfy. The loose silhouette flows away from the body and makes you feel as if you are wearing pajamas (cute and chic pajamas of course). Since it was fairly cold, I bundled up with a printed circle scarf from Nordstrom and then topped everything off with my favorite faux leather jacket from Zara.

This is my third time visiting Seattle and I’m still not tired of this city. Surely I’ll be back to spend time with my loved one. Thankfully until then, FaceTime, texts, and phone calls will do for now for this long distance relationship love.

Another post on day two of Seattle will be coming soon!




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